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Commercializing Biodiesel Production at Ethanol Plants
Recorded: May 8, 2014 | 2:00 PM CDT

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Ron Kotrba
Managing Editor
Biodiesel Magazine
Raj Mosali
President, Jatrodiesel Inc.
Ron Beemiller
President and CEO, WB Services LLC
Ray Baker
General Manager, Adkins Energy LLC
Pete Moss
President, Cereal Process Technologies LLC

For years, the idea of co-locating biodiesel processing at ethanol plants where distillers corn oil (DCO) is extracted has been appealing, but despite the obvious benefits of such a scheme, the concept just never materialized—until now. Multiple ethanol plants have announced plans to contract installation of biodiesel processing units on-site, taking advantage of co-location economics to produce low-cost biodiesel from DCO while having the option of using ethanol instead of methanol as the alcohol reactant. Hear from ethanol producers who have pulled the trigger on this economical approach to biodiesel production as they discuss considerations in selecting a technology partner, market conditions that have given way to co-location initiation, and the economics behind their decisions; and from biodiesel technology providers who have finally penetrated this sought-after market.